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Table 1 Optimal geometric values of DB-BPF

From: A compact conductor-backed CPW-based dual bandpass filter for satellite S-band and C-band

Filter elementDescriptionDimensionsFilter elementDescriptionDimensions
L1Length of feed line8G1, G3Inter-digital coupling gap0.3
L2Length of inter-digital coupling8.3G2Coupling line resonator gap0.4
L3Length of middle inter-digital coupling6W1Width of feed line3.2
L4Length of outer inter-digital coupling8.2W2Width of inter-digital coupling0.5
L5Diameter of circular resonator5W3Width of middle inter-digital coupling0.3
L6Length of open stubs3.5W4Width of open stub1
L7Height of open stubs1W5Width of outer coupling line0.2
  1. All dimensions are in mm