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Table 2 Comparative performance of peak overshoots and settling times (for 2% tolerance band) with different objective function value for isolated power system (test system 1)

From: Combined load frequency and terminal voltage control of power systems using moth flame optimization algorithm

Techniques/objective functionFrequency deviation \(\Delta \omega\)Terminal voltage deviation \(\left( {\Delta V_{t} } \right)\)
Maximum overshoot (OS) × 10−4 (p.u.)Minimum undershoot (US) × 10−4 (p.u.)Settling time (s) (TS) for 2% tolerance bandMaximum overshoot (OS) × 10−4 (p.u.)Minimum undershoot (US) × 10−4(p.u.)Settling time (s) (Ts) for 2% tolerance band
MFO PID/IAE6.6059− 33.111123.0773.0245− 0.60857.149
MFO PID/ITAE2.7904− 34.266121.8383.3676− 0.34398.287
MFO PID/ISE13.1665− 31.116138.7942.5433− 1.06437.154
MFO PID/ITSE9.1126− 32.254731.5282.7048− 0.75297.692
  1. Ttalics values are showing the best value in column wise