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Table 7 Lighting calculations for industry A–C

From: Retrofitting existing buildings to reduce electrical energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission in Nigerian food and beverage industries

FixtureRatingLumen per bulbIndustry AIndustry BIndustry CProposed retrofitting solution
Florescent4002300360300330LED tube of 20 W with 2500 ml
Incandescent 110017501504CFL of 30 W with 2100 ml
Incandescent 220035002428CFL of 60 W with 4200 ml
Incandescent 3250487515CFL of 90 W with 6300 ml
Halogen4008000648060LED flood light 100 W with 8000 ml
Consumption before DSM (kW h)  202,620236,400181,800 
Consumption after DSM (kW h)  68,94075,24061,326 
Savings (kW h)  85,920161,160120,474