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Table 1 Specifications of BBC

From: Characterization of analog and digital control loops for bidirectional buck–boost converter using PID/PIDN algorithms

DC bus voltage (Vbus)24 V
DC bus current (Ibus)3 A
Battery voltage (Vbatt)12 V
Switching frequency (Fs)20 kHz
Load voltage (V0)24 V
Load current (I0)2.4 A
Duty cycle (d)0.5
Inductor (L)1000 µH
DC bus capacitor (Cbus)250 µF
Load resistor (R)10 Ω
Capacitor across battery (C0)125 µF
Battery resistance (Rbatt) = (Ns/Np)*Rinter = (6/1)*30 m Ω0.18 Ω