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Table 3 HDH parameters

From: Modelling and control of solar-driven humidification–dehumidification desalination plant

Cp,wHeat capacity of water4185.5J/(kg K)
Cp,aHeat capacity of air1003J/(kg K)
kHeat transfer coefficient20W/(m K)
ASurface area of heat exchanger5m2
Tw,inTemperature of input water363K
Tw,outTemperature of output waterCalculatedK
Ta,inTemperature of input air293K
Ta,outTemperature of output airCalculatedK
\( \dot{m} \)aMass flow rate of air0.15kg/s
\( \dot{m} \)wMass flow rate of water3.33kg/s
mw,mMass of water inside heat exchanger5kg
ma,mMass of air inside heat exchanger1kg
ϑcondWork characteristicsCalculatedK