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Table 2 Heat storage tank parameters [14]

From: Modelling and control of solar-driven humidification–dehumidification desalination plant

AlossSurface area for losses of one storage node1m2
AhxSurface area of heat exchange per storage node1m2
λeffEffective axial thermal conduction5W/(m K)
cHeat capacity4185.5J/(kg K)
dhDistance between two nodes1m
\( \dot{m} \)Mass flow rate (‘up’ or ‘down’ is 0 acc. to sum of flow rates)Variablekg/s
TTemperature (amb: ambient, hx: heat exchanger, node)298K
tTimeSimulation times
UlossHeat loss coefficient1W/(m2 K)
UhxHeat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger100W/(m2 K)
VnodeNode volume1.66m3