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Table 8 Performance comparison for 69-node distribution system

From: Simultaneous optimal allocation and sizing of distributed generations and shunt capacitors in distribution networks using fuzzy GA methodology

69-node distribution systemMethodology proposed in [4]Methodology proposed in [9]Sensitivity analysis method [22] (0.95 lag pf DGs and SCs)Proposed simultaneous optimization method (0.95 lag pf DGs and SCs)
S/S active power (kW)2213.032003.641609.181577.89
S/S reactive power (kVAR)1411.551435.261133.68594.04
Real power loss (kW)36.0923.4249.4215.15
Reactive power loss (kVAR)18.8114.5426.1710.55
Voltage (V(p.u)) (minimum)0.9758 (V27)0.9724 (V27)0.9756 (V27)0.9850 (V27)
Voltage stability index0.01720.01970.01960.0153